Secrets Of Ashtakvarga

An Ancient System To Predict Future

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Astrology is most interesting, marvelous & historical subject in the world. Astrology informs us, anyone is distinctive one. From our experiences of meditations, psychology and new technology; astrology can be described as pure mathematical science, that our many of previous life's karmic energies are measured by considering the planets and their motions. Also these past energies give us positive powers to born as human being. Astrology define how our energy body affect with our mind and what kind of positive powers we collected in our past life times, which are help to our current life. Also all planets & objects in space influence to human body according to Physics such as Gravity. We get phlegm, cold, tonsillitis & fever in full moon days while heavy sunny days we have problems with urine system. Such way all planets link with our mind & body. In traditional word for astrology is "Jyotishaya", which is "Jyothi-" meaning light, so with whole word meaning "science of the light". In other word, it tells we want use astrology for success our life as we use light for going on dark roads. Because we don't know our future, astrology is one of metaphysical subjects which tell about our future. So astrology can be categorized as science of spiritual, psychological, applied & physical which tells our strengths & weaknesses according to our past life's karmic forces. Astrology in india uses Birth Time, Birth Date & Birth Place (Country and Town) for calculation of our birth chart from advanced mathematic formula. Birth time is normally considered as first breathing time or first crying time of newborn baby. Astrology varies with countries, cultures, religions and customs. But root concepts are same in everywhere. Influences from birth chart mean our negative karma & also as modern science those are planet's radiations, which can overcome from our mind power, freewill or persistence. Planets  play important role in astrology.

Ashtakvarga is purely based on scientific method correcting and integrating previous knowledge like we say.Bad  Planetary Influence is nothing else than a weak moment in your life, when the resulting reactions of   the undesirable actions (Bad Karma's) of your past, gain a window of opportunity to cause you  unpleasantness.A simplified example is: while you are driving very fast (a weak moment), you happen to come in to a stretch of bad road and it is raining (malefic conditions ).Your tires are bad since, you did not care about those in the past (past bad karma), so just think what can be the result if you happen to break (opportunity) hard!. On the other hand, knowing that conditions are going to be bad by looking at weather forecast or reducing the speed or keeping a proper maintenance schedule could have done a great difference. Though the real cause is some thing else, we can safely call skidding as a malefic effect of Rain.Each of planets has its own areas which belong to personal life & his character. Combinations of planets are helpful to determine our inborn skills, mind, educational capabilities, sicknesses, etc. Rahu and Ketu are two images creating when sun and moon rotate around the solar system. These two images create barrier to other planet’s radiations. 


"Ashtakvarga" has been called 'Nishchayaansh" (or The Decisive part) of astrology. How we can judge  the strength of planets in a chart? I think we will keep digging our head if we  really have no calculations.Saying without any scienctific reason would be kind of beating about the bush. How do a planet gets it's power in twelve houses from rest of planets ? I believe there should be some mathematical way instead guessing.I am not going to explain here how we can use ashtakvarga to unfold  future events.This requires a lot of time consuming calculations to arrive at final result.That why in ancient time learned astrologers use ashtakvarga system only for the persons in higher status of the society and not for an ordinary people.Only ashtakvarga technique rules out the myth that astrology is pseudoscience as rejected by academic and scientific communiites.



This exemplary bhinshtakavargat has been drawn for moon and ascendant.Every planet gives bindus (favour) to rest of particular signs from its own placement.This is different for different planets.As you can see moon gets 3 bindus in first sign ,4 in the second and so on. In bhinashtakvarga,a planet shows up its primary power this own due to its relative placement  to rest of the planets.This is the budding stage where any planet starts its journey for further process. Strong planets in a house indicate  strength of the this house i.e planets residing in a house with more than four bindus. 



This is saravashtakvarga chart.This shows us the strength of all houses in a horoscope.Every planet's bindus are shown in each sign like here sun has given 7 bindus,moon has 3,Mars has 7  and so on.This is sum of bindus given by all planets in a given sign like here in first sign or house.Total 337 bindus are allocated by all planets.  

Calculating Aspects of Planets

In ashtakvarga,aspects of planets can be easily defined scientifically.Like Jupitor as mostly has more than 4 bindus because Jupitor distributes 56 bindus in total to rest of the planets.This i wil explain separately.Consequently,if jupitor has 5 (out of 8) bindus and aspecting saturn with 4 bindus in opposite house,jupitor will subtract 3 bindus from power of saturn.Hence saturn will be left with zero bindus due to jupitor aspect.This is the basic theory while learning mutual aspects of planets.We can keep adding and deducting bindus,thus we arrive at the final basic power of a planet in natal chart.Stronger the planet with more bindus,more chances for the results in its antradasa for respective houses.

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